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Company introduction

       Hebei Pukang Medical instruments Co., Ltd. is approved by the Medicine Management Bureau, Hebei Province Administration of industry and commerce registration, fixed-point production of medical beds, medical high school low-grade beds, medical nursing bed, multifunctional nursing bed, electric nursing bed, home care beds, medical crane tower, medical stretcher, medical vehicles, table, shelf, cabinet series products professional manufacturers.

      Pukang company was founded in 1996, in support of the party and the government, after ten years of unremitting efforts, has now developed into a backbone enterprise in the domestic medical equipment industry influential, with a certain scale and production capacity. The company now covers an area of 74.5 acres, has built three storey office building two buildings, staff club and the comprehensive building of a life. Has built large-scale job shop 11, automatic spraying line 1. Company existing staff 460 people, including professional and technical personnel more than 180 people. After several years of development, the company production capacity greatly increased, the factory workshops producing a single product can only become by now can produce a medical electric bed, medical nursing bed, medical vehicles, table, cabinets, shelves and other 180 kinds of medical instruments series products of modern professional enterprise, construction scale, production capacity, the quality of the products, the brand benefit, market share and so on have been great development and progress.

     In 1998, "little nurse" brand medical nursing bed was awarded "Hongkong Chinese international invention Expo" bronze, the brand has been Chinese people's liberation army generals Nie Li comrades praise and affirmation. In 2000, "little nurse" brand medical nursing bed also won the "twenty-first Century International (Bangkok) medicine, medical science and Technology Achievements Exhibition" oscar.

     Pukang company for many years in Hebei province was rated as "consumer trust units", and its products on many occasions in Hebei Province as "consumer trust products", 2006, "little nurse" trademark was awarded the "Hebei province famous trademark", the product was named "Hebei province famous brand products". "Little nurse" brand series of products through the national GB/T19001-2000, 13485 quality system certification in 2004, and in 2007 passed the CE international certification.

      In order to explore the international market, Pukang the company in early 2000, the establishment of the international trade department, and obtained the export operation rights. Now with more than 20 national development to establish a good business relationship. We believe that, in the party and government's concern and support, in the positive efforts of Pukang people under, Pukang company enterprise scale, technical level of equipment, production capacity, product grade and quality, and other aspects of market share will be greater development and great progress.